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Oevae is making better Marketing|Decisions|Design|Businesses|Brands for you.

We believe the most important part about marketing is communicating your brands offerings in ways that boost brand appeal and growth.

Oevae Marketing Consultants was established in 1999 with the goal of making business more attractive.

Prepare Your Business

Get Started by grooming marketing messages and tone so consumers know what your brand means.

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Send a cohesive message about your brand with Social Media Marketing, Blogs, Exhibits, Events, and E-mail Marketing.

Grow Your Business

Adopt new ways to market your business with campaigns that create brand advocates – critical to boosting sales.

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Oevae helps businesses adopt new ways of doing business that give them advantages over other companies who lack the knowledge and guidance of successful marketing consultants.

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Enthusiastically embrace diverse and collaborative marketing insights that help businesses grow.

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Oevae Marketing Consultants help you prepare your business for launch.


Send a clear message about your business with confidence. Our 20+ years of offering creative marketing services are filled with satisfied clients. That's because Oevae can highlight the unique differences and qualities your brand brings to the market in ways that resonate with consumers' desires. Enhance your brand image, equip your staff, and launch your business with more efficiency and effectiveness at Oevae.

Oevae Marketing helps you share your business on Social Media.


Oevae will help you talk directly with consumers using the power of social media management, website design that engage, keyword rich blog articles, brochures, videos, banners, direct mail, email marketing, and more.

Oevae Marketing Consultants help you grow with Google Analytics.


Define the right mixture for your audience leveraging technologies offered by Google Analytics – all designed to give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next and help your business grow. See your business in Universal Analytics properties; for a website, an app, or both a website and app together.

Small Business Marketing Agency

Look better in business with Oevae.

Branding is literally what gives your business a name or a label, what characterizes you or your service and separates it from other competitors in your industry, and what makes your business stand out. That's why we value branding enormously, because it matters what words, imagery and messages you use to describe what you're trying to sell. It is crucial that your audience grows as other people use your products or services so that growth is exponential.

Brand Consulting

You have questions that our marketing team can answer with over 20 years in the business and working with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 brands, we can share insights and case studies that provide a broad spectrum of marketing solutions and valuable intelligence. Oevae helps you design messages to improve your brand, expand your audience, collaborate with more people and scale your reach. Branding is the process of deciding on a message that your company will embody and letting that message inform all of the decisions you make. When used effectively, visual communications in branding can make it so that people who have never personally interacted with your small business still recognize it and the values it represents.

Website Design + Development

We take the confusion out of Internet widgets, plugins, api, open graph, div, bots, spiders, forms, live chat, Wordpress, HTML, hosting, DNS, wifi, and probably another 50-100 terms and resources that can enhance the function of your website design and development. In the digital age, online visibility can spell the difference between a thriving business and a short-lived one. Customers have been starting their customer journeys on search engines for years now, and the pandemic only accelerated this.

Email Marketing

Easily increase customer retention with Oevae email marketing. Oevae can create Signup Forms, Automated Email Campaigns, Unsubscribe Handling, Animated Email Marketing Messages, and Automated Welcome Email messages, so you can focus on core business strengths. The best marketing consultants in the world are using email animation to keep readers engaged and inspire consumers to take action – just long enough to sink memorable impressions about the brand. We add new animated email samples each from the leading brands.

Drone Pilot

We operate our drone services via the subsidiary #ozonedronzes "We Get High!" which is useful for faster real estate sales, roof inspections, construction site safety, surveying drive-thru traffic, and beautiful stock photography.

Social Media Management

No time for social media updates to tell followers the latest news? Oevae will brand and manage posts on Facebook business pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, and more, so you don't have to.

Graphic Design

If your graphics do not align with the message you want to send or you are struggling with bringing together various parts or pieces of your brand design, you need Oevae. We can create every element of your brand (logo, brochure, banner, flyers, posters, business cards, and more into cohesive brand messages.

Creative Writing

Whomever you speak to, you want it to be clear, accurate, and perhaps even beneficial. Therefore it's often the approach and knowledge about a given subject that leads to accomplishing goals. Send us your technical writing and creative writing headaches. We can craft manuals, press release, and slogans that reinforce your business communications. By the nature of creating content, it takes much longer to create content than it does to consume it. So if we assume that only humans can create content that is going to be valuable, then there will never be enough humans to create enough content that not even one person will consume.


Start selling online using Square, PayPal, WooCommerce, or Godaddy shopping carts – the safe, easy way to accept credit cards online. Oevae will create Buy Now buttons, and setup your inventory. There's no need for you to miss the money others want to give you, using customizable and secure payment gateways. It is important to make sure your mobile payment application is secure. This is where authentication API can help. Paying via ACH (automated clearing house) allows customers the ability to instantly verify their routing numbers or bank account information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bring more traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization that includes analyzed website performance data – an essential marketing strategy for brands trying to attract attention, drive website traffic, and grow their business by improving your visibility in search. Oevae utilizes Google Analytics SEO tools that analyze your website performance on Google®, Yahoo®, Bing®, mobile devices, and social media platforms. We can create personalized phrases and words that increase traffic to your website and help it rank better. Oevae only uses SEO techniques that boost your website visibility, and growth strategies that get your brand more attention by appearing higher up on search engine results pages (SERPs), which helps consumers find your business.

Oevae Marketing Memberships

Launch your small business with Oevae.

Oevae Marketing Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Acceptance of Terms for each Oevae Marketing Membership includes monthly automated credit/debit card installments paid directly to Oevae Marketing Consultants occurring on but not before the 1st of each month and by the 3rd via Square.com. A la carte and/or hourly billing available.

  • Single Page Signed Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between clients and Oevae Marketing Consultants. No waiver, modification, alteration or amendment of any of the terms or conditions contained herein shall be effective unless and until set forth in writing, duly signed by both Parties.

  • Client may cancel (in writing and acknowledged by Oevae Marketing Consultants) at anytime and pay for unpaid services conducted by Oevae Marketing Consultants that have been provided up to the date of cancellation.

  • Client photography/videography, graphics, and passwords will remain confidential information and will not be shared or sold to 3rd parties without clients written instruction.

  • Internet tool provided subsidiary of Home Office Xpert (shop.homeofficexpert.com) that may include but not limited to: Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, Domain Backorder, Hosting, Microsoft 365 world-class business email and Office apps, SSL Certificate, Email Marketing, Shopping Cart, SEO, Website Security, Website Backup, Workspace Online Storage, Workspace Online Calendar.

  • Popular payment gateways may be used to accept online payments such as but not limited to: Square, PayPal, Stripe, and client(s) personal Business Merchant Accounts. Oevae will also manage WordPress SquareSpace, Wix, and other 3rd party website platforms.

  • Oevae Marketing Consultants may use completed works/projects or versions of created works/projects without client consent for marketing purposes and as proof of marketing solutions, testimonials or case study for the purpose of gaining new clients.

  • Contact Oevae to measure marketing KPIs and see if your business qualifies for the creative marketing services we offer or to learn what you can do to get the marketing help necessary to grow your business.

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